On JioPhone

Instant gaming at your fingertips

Hours of gaming entertainment pre-loaded on your JioPhone device. Access amazing free games across various genres, at your fingertips.

On Jio Set-Top Box & Android TV

Is it a living room? Is it a game room? It’s both.

Your TV is a window to the next level of home gaming experience. All you need is a Jio Smart Set-Top Box with JioFiber Broadband or an Android TV.

On Smartphones

A world full of world-class games in your hand

Enhanced smartphone gaming experience with instant-play mobile games, online esports tournaments and many more, on a single app.


Be the hero you always wanted to be

Ride by yourself or with your trusted allies to participate in top-class online gaming tournaments and win massive prizes on JioGames’ ultra-competitive gaming platform.


Join forces with the JioGames family

If you’re a game creator and you love developing fun games, we’ll help you distribute it on India's biggest gaming platform.